Wednesday, October 26, 2011

new post for october

from me.....ooh another this month! lol

Here is a really nice (old) photo of me and my baby brother. I have used a Bella! large flower, trimmed it and scattered the petals through the page. I love these flowers, way cool on a page with a small photo, or use them on a OTP. I have spritzed the flower and the page with gold flicks. The WOW chipboard filagree butterflies have vintage ink and inka gold paste smeared on them....and that black is chalk used with a mask!

 close up of the butterfly.....

On this page I have used  a WOW personalised title...."butt sliding at Selwyn 2011"...a new sport invented by Tom and Liv when we were on our annual snow trip. Basically they were too lazy to carry the toboggans to the top of the hill, so they slid on their butts down the hill!.
The title has dimentional piant in black and white..then heat gun dried to get some bubbles, then edged with vintage ink. Fun stuff that paint, makes a real 3d effect on your chipboard. The snowflakes are WOW too, and they have been kindy glitzed, then vintage inked and have a Prima centre added.

 a close up of the title...
 and the snowflake....

This page has a photo of my nerds....quiet time at Selywn after a huge day at the snow. Im not so sure I am a fan of technology for recreation for the kids...but it sure keeps them quiet!...Ipod touches and iphones proved a distraction for tired babies!!!.

This beautiful chipboard is a WOW flourish, just simply vintage inked. The papers are Bo Bunny.

 ...and just to finish I made a card (OMG lol)....This is a fab range from Bella! "keepsake' and the flowers are from Bella too....these are such great adds to a page or card.
Not quite sure what I am using this card for, but I will just add the sentiment to the tag when I need it.

Been very busy here in Sans world, so thats it for now
Thanks for popping in

San x

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