Saturday, May 4, 2013

May has arrived.....

...and i find myself the mother of a teenager.

and for those ahead of me who have experienced this....i know you are giggling and for those who are yet to join me in this new 'interesting' phase of and learn. (on what not to do as usual with me) lol

In all seriousness, I have a pretty good option for a kid, he has his moments, but probably nowhere near as many as his mother!. Watching him grow into this (way too) tall teenager has been an adventure for sure.....with way more to come i bet.

Problem is, he is avoiding the camera, or when he does pose, its with attitude. Hence the new layouts you see from me will either be....great old shots, or new attitude ones with what we will call 'random' titles! ( i will try to be pc) hehehe

anyway before we head out for the teenager sharing a few layouts that i have done recently. Been a little slack, I have been SMASHing a diary, how much fun is this Smash stuff!

anywhoooo...over WOW , we have a month with WWI
here is my sample of white with yellow and WOW

and here is a few other layouts using WOW (of course) and some of the new product from my store Scrapbooking Delights.

this is a photo of my cousin Donna and I, my mum was a budding fashion designer back then and made us some awesome outfits. 
The cute butterfly is a WOW one.

Tom out the back hanging with his dogs, this photo was taken just before Dax died. Tom adores his pets and spends every afternoon, walking and hanging with them. I guess its an only child thing. He and Molly (the boarder collie) have been together since he was almost 3 and she was a pup, they are a pair of terrors and get up to some much trouble together.
The Scrabble letters are WOW

This photo was taken by  Lisa Oxley after the 'clean up crew' finished packing away the Savvy-Delights retreat last year. I am surrounded not only by extremely talented people, but also some of the people I count in this world as true friends.
The 'smile' is an AltaWord mask and the tiny filmstrip is from WOW

Thats it for this post..........thanks for calling in
Fingers crossed i can  grab a few happy birthday snaps today with POD and his mates, or I may have to start scrapbooking my cooking ;)

San x

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Anonymous said...

Hehe are you going to scrapbook your secret chicken soup recipe??
Love your layouts as always...xx