Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014.............when did that happen???

wow.............when did 2013 finish? it flew past, especially the last month or so.

This is a short Happy New Year post to you all and a wish for lots of happiness, good health and fun for all....may the karma you deserve come back tenfold to you this year!

I am not going to give any kind of promises to make more blog posts or such, but i will promise to try ;)

This is a big year for me personally and for my clan too.....this year we will experience the world a little with an overseas holiday, I will turn the big 50....and its time to rethink some priorities in this world we share. 
Scrapbooking Delights will be a major part of my world, and I hope to see many of you there to share the love of our chosen craft.
Through 2013, lessons were learnt that left scars in my heart, but i also many smiles from friends that have seen me though some rough times personally....and together we will see 2014 rocks!

I hope you make your 2014 a happy year

My word for this year is.......BREATHE......( this to make me not react until i take a minute to stop, breathe and then decide if its worth a reaction....then act)

Be back soon with some scrapbooking ( yeh me....i did a decemember daily and finished it) woohooo

San x

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