Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here I am back again!!! this is getting too regular me thinks!!! hhaahaha

anywhoo...we had a fun 12hr crop on Sunday at the shop and I got these 2 pages and OTP frame done, as well as a christmas card class....(watch the shop blog for that if you are interested).

This page is of Tom at Aspects fun day, doing some craft. It was actually a challenge that Lisa Warren and Wendy Smith set each other, with special requirements and i thought i would have a go too. Poor Lisa had it all done and then added ink...which was a no no...so she had to do another page....all in good fun!!!

This a great photo of Tom, and his two mates Tyson and Jason at their schools book parade. Usually they think they are too old for this dress up caper, but this year all insisted on being in on it. Jason was a raper, Tyson was a cop and Tom was Mickey Mouse from Fantasia. They had a great day at the Aspect fun day.

Here's a great WOW project idea for a chrissy gift, just add the santa photo and what grandparent wouldn't be happy with that.

So now off to play with some of the fab new releases i have in store.
San xxx

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