Wednesday, November 24, 2010

about time

....that i posted again..i guess

its been a crazy ride here, what with the illness that floored me and is still taking its toll. The shop is full of stock and busy with classes and crop, Toms school is full-on and of course now they tell me that christmas is on its way!!! So I guess its time to become jolly and start some of those celebrations....

I have 2 layouts that i did on saturday night at Sarahs, which was a complete 'i got nothing to do' visit and finding her and Natalie there and a bottle of 'special lemonade' and hence i stayed..and scrapped.

This first ( and very purple) layout is using stuff from one of Savvys kits from ages ago...its of me and Sar at my 46th birthday celebration night out, which was huge. And believe it or not, these are the only photos taken all night ( small bit of disappointment! - as there were actually about 20 odd people there!
I have used a WOW chipboard flourish and name plate...and the reason there are small photos is, they arent that flattering for either of us...but OMG we had fun!

The next layout is off Afternoon Tea from the 2010 Savvy-Delights Retreat at Kiah Ridge...gotta say, no matter what other faults they have...their sunday arvo tea is so worth the visit. And a quick plug here - that I am taking bookings for the retreat in 2011, so ring and get a will be had!

On this layout, is beautiful chipboard branch with leaves from WOW...Jillibean Soup Alphabet and the cute little butterfly are handmade crochet ones from a lady that Tanya can get them at Delights.
I am at the shop at the moment trying to decide what to use first...OMG this new stuff is delicious..and i also have lots of new painty type things to play with, some gold, silver, pewter rub finishes, de Colourant and i am in heaven...mmmm where to start.
Gotta go....need to play....
San xxx


donna said...

they are gorgeous San! lucky you to be able to just 'drop' in for a visit to Sar's and be able to have special lemonade lol
miss you
Donna xxx

Sar said...

Very noice hun! xx