Saturday, January 8, 2011

part 2

back again...goodness me!!! this hasnt been easy today...and yet people who know how technically challenged I am , will be in fits of laughter! was probably me hey!

Ok so, back to the pages........

Here is the title page for my 2011...52 weeks of me album. I love this photo, again taken by Tanya Kember at Bulli Lisa once said 'very serene', maybe its the surroundings or maybe its because i am happy living my life like I am and that makes you look and feel this way!

My title says it all.....'its my life, now or never'...a quote from the great Bon Jovi, love this song and the words really rate high in my life plan at the moment. This is my year to go for Jon says........" I'm not gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive"

...and therefore I started the year with a bang.............Lake Conjola for New Years Eve, with my dads side of the family, heaps of wonderful extended family and lots of friends old and new, quite a mixture and add alcohol and great music and some fireworks and the night was awesome ( to say the least!)

I think Greg took this shot of me on the table dancing, and having a sip of what is probably just special lemonade.
We took the kids to see the firewoks at 9pm, then they played and so did we...and to end the night, a bunch of old footy mates showed up with guitar in hand and sang and laughed until around the 4:30am mark.

And as i follow the calendar for my '52...this is Week 1.

Thanks for popping in for a look
San xxx

2011 total....5


donna said...

you... technically challenged.. Never PMSL!
I can just see you dancing on the table lol
Great start for your 52 weeks hun xxx. now I have to do mine lol

KerrynF said...

Your title page is simple divine San, love what you have done so far. I am hoping to keep up with the 52 weeks too.

Sharryn Thomson said...

Oh...wish I was there dancing on the table with you.

LOVE that photo of you in the graveyard but I'm just not so sure about the angel wings...LMAO

You are doing really well with our challenge so far and I have no doubt whatsoever you will kick my butt to the kerb...LOL
Shaz xx