Thursday, August 16, 2012


...goodness, you say twice in such a short time! lol

We had our annual holiday down at the snow and I had a day at home alone...and I scrapped alone for fun! Thought I would share the results....

 This page is a photo of my baby...who has decided to grow up!!! and is now 12!.....where did that time go I ask??.....I have used the Bella kraft papers (and fussy cut those banners of a paper!). Added some WOW chipboard, thats the wire under the photo.

Close up of the WOW chipboard wire...with touches of silver paint it.

 This layout is a lovely photo of Lee and the girls. I have added the WOW leaves with impasto paste and then inked over the top to give the leaves dimension.

 As usual....I never get around the entering the SBM be honest and probably controversally ...Im not really a believer in what they call 'masters'...I truly believe we are all masters of our own work and ability and I dont like to have people judge people and their work.

Also i think the pressure has lost us many a good scrapper and nice person from this craft, due to over exposure, pressure and critism. It also makes the newbie feel insecure in their abilities and therefore they dont continue! But hey, thats my opinion.

Anywhooooo in saying that, every year I use their criteria for fun, and when they had a canvas....I do love me an off i went and played with some (well lots) of messy paint and paste.

As with most OTP and texture...I think this looks so much nicer in real life than a photo. Its a photo that Tanya took of Tom and my brother John last year. They are really good mates and I love the way they interact ( well sometimes its a bit much lol).

The clock is a WOW mdf, they are perfect for using pastes and paints, they dont split like the chip does when it get really wet. This one I have used gold/silver/black paste and paint and black webbing spray.

Thats me for now
Thanks for popping in
San x

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Sar said...

Nearly fell over when I saw you in my blog feed again ;p

Love your work, and agree that Masters has a lot to answer for in the loss of scrapbookers from this wonderful hobby :(

Thanks for sharing x