Saturday, January 5, 2013 we go!

hey all...i know its been way too long for a post from me here...Im not going to bore anyone with excuses ( life just happens)

It seems Ive been in the scrapping mood lately and over this last week have finished 10 layouts!

I need to keep a few secret until they pop up on the WOW site...but here are a few I can share now.

'twelve years old'
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This is one of the awesome photos that Tanya Kember (TMK photography) took for me as a gift of my Thomas.
Twelve years old...where did that time really feels like I have just brought him home from hospital. Its funny how before you have kids people say how fast time just nod and agree...since he came in our lives....i totally get it!

He is growing into a lovely young man, We are all very proud of his achievements, combating his AS and the normal 'kid' issues. 

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This page is a small thank you to the fabulous teachers and aides that we have been blessed to have in our lives. They are wonderful people, who have given Tom such confidence and support through his school years. We are honored to have them in our lives.

These photos were taken at 6th class Graduation dinner. They had to be printed in sepia, due the fact as the night went on, the tears flowed and both Tom and the teachers were emotional to think of the end of an era....but we all know its the beginning of something bigger and better, and with their support....he will be OK  (actually better than OK, he will blossom in high school)

'free from primary'
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I have also been blessed to be allowed to spend lots of time with Toms classes over the years, taking random celebration photos for memories for the families of Aspect.

This was one of the last ones I had the pleasure to take....honestly, one that frightened me a little...cause it means it was the 'end' of toms primary schooling.
Its a shot of his 6th class....the kids he has known all his school life, he wil go to High School with Claire, but the others are going to different schools. I am hopeful he will want to keep in touch and spend time with them, although I know he will make lots of new buddies where he is going.

I love their they have all grown into wonderful people. I wish them all nothing but Good Luck in their future. x

So thats it for me now....thanks for dropping past.


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LisaW said...

Your layouts are fab Sandra! I can't believe Tom is off to high school already. I just got teary myself reading your post. He's growing up way too quickly, which means my babies aren't too far behind.