Friday, February 22, 2013

sharing for Feb

heres a few pages to share...lots of  WOW.

using WOW flourish and leaf branch.

This page is a couple of photos of my curious child, just watching a snail nice and closely as he says....i do love how he thinks and wants to explore the small stuff.


Tom and his vegetarian who is finally breaking out and trying meat. He had discovered the hot dog! (although i do seriously question if meat is involved in them lol).
Lots of sause, mustard and cheese and we have been known to add bacon too...mmmmmm whats for dinner i ask!

'first fall'
wow circle and skate boy

It was bound to happen eventually, he is a boy and owns a skateboard, so one expected a fall sooner or later, thankfully our first one wasnt as dramatic as first thought and he ended up with swollen and bruised fingers and sore butt. Worse part was the wait at the hospital, since it was dinner time and he couldnt eat! lol
It was a great story to share when he started High School.......and i am so very sure it wont be his last fall nor that we wont have something broken before long!...such is life with my POD 

The funniest part was my brother rewarded him with a Magnum icecream for his first fall.

Thanks for dropping past......
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LisaW said...

Love it! That layout with the skateboarder cracks me. So glad POD wasn't seriously hurt though. He must be made of tough stuff.

Sar said...

Skateboarder is my fave too, LOVE the upside down one at the end, thats awesome!!!

Jo Kinder said...

Love the chicken wire.
The #POTD is friggen awesome . I wonder who had that brilliant idea :P
and the little chipboard skater dude is pretty darn cute!!

KerrynF said...

They are all very cool pages, but do love the movement the the skateboard dude.