Tuesday, March 13, 2012

catching up

I have been so very busy...blah blah blah!!!! lol

heres a few layouts from the retreat i went to with the Scrapgirls Retreats...highly recommend them if you are looking for a weekend away that is well organised and fun.
i was productive through the wee hours of the fri night to sat morn, when with Ipod blarring and junk food, i didnt sleep!

heres a share;

heres an old photo of me, christmas day 1966...with my susie doll, i still have her, she is now in my office dressed in the clothes my baby brother came home from hospital in!.

A photo taken of me and Sarah at the Savvy-Delights retreat last year by TMK photography.This is a WOW flourish.

 A snap of me and Nat.....we do have fun together no matter where!!!!....this is the Delights christmas party 2010.

 A photo of Tom, in cognito.......the background is a AltaMatz zebra print...this was the challenge kit at the retreat...love that paper!

My very good friend...thick or thin, Diana.......this was taken at the christmas party too.

 these last 2 are using the bella australia packs...this is Tom on Aussie day a few years ago

...and heres our baby Maddison, who is very much aussie made!

thats all for now...gotta run
Thanks for dropping past
San x

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Bel said...

I can't wait for the day we get a good photo together and you scrap it xxx love your work xxx