Saturday, March 31, 2012


hope everyone is well and happy.....heres a quick share of a couple of layouts done for the CSI sketch challenge site, sponsored by WOW chipboard.

This first page is a very old photo of me with my baby bro and my two paternal cousins, Donna and Steven, with our Grandma, taken on Christmas Day 1967......yep Im that old!!!

I have been delving back into mums old photos and randomly picking some favs to this one. Don and I have our new Thimberlina dolls that Santa brought for us at Grandmas, mine is in my office at the moment in a cradle dressed in an outfit my brother wore home from hospital!.

This colour challenge is a page of Ali, when we were down the snow last year, her and I had a craft day, whilst the others went skiing. Playdoh...ove or hate it, it keeps kids busy!
Al was very proud of her creations and we had a huge reveal when they arrived home to show her snakes!

heres a close up of my pinwheel and the dimentional paint on the chipboard.

anyway i gotta go....people are calling!
thanks for popping in
San x

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Sar said...

Hadn't seen these ones, love them!