Friday, April 27, 2012


toot, toot ........lmao

I dont do this much, but i was way excited to finally crack it...and WIN the SYDNEY ROYAL EASTER SHOW...for Excellence in Class 240 -Scrapbooking
and now its back from the show, i get to share with you!

...the layout is about my Great Uncle Den, he turned 90 in june last year and is still going strong. He is an funny old bugger, but a very intelligent one, been through many harsh and hard times on the land in outback Australia. I think sometimes we forget in our fast moving world, just how these are the people who built this wonderful country we live in. He has our respect and love and sometimes we just shake our heads at the stories he tells.

closer shots of the pages.

heres a few photos of the great great nephews (my Tom, Jak and Max) getting a 'how to chop wood' lesson from a master! Both my brother and I had the best times growing up in his company at Ben and Cullen and now its nice for our boys to have time with him too.

..........and look whats hanging in the shop for the next year! hehehee

thanks or stopping bye
San x

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