Saturday, May 12, 2012

time for a quickie

its time to share a few new layouts and a frame.....ive been way busy (what else is new hey)...

A layout of Tom, I love closeups and he has lovely eyelashes (as most boys do hey)...almost looks like he is wearing eye makeup in this shot! Thats a WOW flourish, Kaiser rubon and a bunch of metal!.

We went to Bradman Museum at Bowral for Jaks birthday. Facinating place, prob even more if you like cricket!. But we had a lovely day. I think this was the best part of the museum, a seat near a tv, that you could select to listen to someone talk about cricket. Tom and I settled in to listen to Sir Michael Parkinsons stories....and he has a few!, but very interesting it was.

Heres a close up of the page...i  use a WOW AltaMatz ( the chicken wire ) and covered it with gesso and then pressed it on the page, then misted over it. The chipboard wire is WOW and that cute banner is 'a little something'.

This layout has a photo that is atypical of Tom and my brother....they are always goofing around. Tom adores John, too much sometimes lol....he copies everything he says and does, always has!...Its urban legend, their fav greeting to each other is 'hows ya bum for grubs!'...yeh, well they think they are funny anyway! lol

Wendy Smith and I are on the dt for WOW...we thought it might be fun to have a scrapoff against each other with identical products. So Suzanne sent us this awesome 12x12 shadow box and a bunch of flourishes, leaves and butterflies....and off we went. I had a ball. Both the frames turned out fab and very different. To start with I made mine so the pages can be interchangeabe, Wens is a fixed page. I used lots of gesso, black and white then covered it with gold and silver spray paint, melted the lot with my heatgun to get the metal look. Left most of the flourishes raw, but did the butterfies with the same paints and then added a webbing paint over the top at the end. The challenge will be on the WOW blog soon, so you can see both of the frames side by side then.

heres a close up of the gate on the side.....

This last page has a photo of me and one of my bffs Kelly...this is on Goat island in 1988, for the bi-centenial. We went with the MSB (where i was working at the time). This was the end of very long fun party weekend to say the least. Seems forever ago, we had so many fun times, and back then there were no camera phones to catch the action!(thankfully I think) like now. Dont you just love the sunnies? thankful i edited the photo and you didnt see the boardshorts in coour that i was wearing! lol

I tried something a little different with this page...actualy scrapped the page, without the photo on yet and then misted with Ranger mist all over everything randomly, adding a little colour to the WOW flourish and fence also the paper and flowers.

Thats it for me for now
have a great mums day to all

Thanks for dropping past
San x

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