Wednesday, July 4, 2012

some new stuff ive done!

how quick time is flying....July already..anywhooo heres a few layouts im allowed to share with you...

This first is a lovely shot of Liv, calm and happy! This is a WOW rose, inked and then ive placed a ribbon rose under it.

Toms turn....with a WOW Atamatz used with paint on the background and then WOW cogs and a WOW ebony flourish. This was taken at the dapto greyhounds last holidays...and he was a winner! maanged to pick quite a few and took home more than he started a fun night out!

 This layout is one, Im sure many would agree with.....Its for a challenge over at was 'something you wish you knew'...well I wish ide never met Mr Cadbury! or his other chocolate mates lol!....would have made my butt a lot smaller for sure!

 Again....another challenge from PMS...'i never expected'....this is so true of many things in our lives, but I went to a retreat last July and met up with people ive got a lot of things in common with (and scrapbooking too)...and it seems Ive collected a few realy good friends from the experience...gotta love that!

 There a lot people in the scrap world whose work I like...but one that I am always awstruck with...and that Louise Nelson. I met her irl at camp mojo last year and she actually did a page of me for me! here I have tried a little bit of Lou style aong with my own. This is a new release peacock feather from WOW, awesome hey!.....I love the use of other mediums on pages and playing with them.
thats it for now
thanks for dropping past
San x

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Bel Howlett said...

LOVE your work beeeeeepppp